UPDATE: CRCD Training Class added: Oct 26/27

In case you missed it, I have added a new training weekend for the CRCD Class on October 26/27. This is due to popular demand and the fact that the October 12/13 and November 9/10 classes have filled up.
The primary demand has come from CRCD Alumni who want to return before Christmas with family/friends/team members; I am giving priority to those bookings for a couple of days. If you are interested, email me @

UPDATE: this class now open enrollment.

Link to the main training post
Please note the following requirement from my main post: 
Rifle/Shooting Proficiency: MVT tactical courses are not beginner/introductory courses to weapons handling and basic shooting. The basic assumption of the course is that you are bringing a rifle and equipment as per the equipment list; you have the ability to safely manipulate and fire the rifle that you bring; you have the ability to zero your rifle and have some basic shooting experience. Prior ‘square range’ and bench shooting experience is fine, the course is designed to move you beyond that, but you have to have the ability to safely and effectively manipulate and operate your rifle.