Upcoming Tactical Training (TacGun) Events & Competition

For an overview of upcoming events, take a look at the Training Calendar.


In addition to the standard tactical training (TacGun) events coming up, we have several events which specifically feature an element of competition.

What is TacGun? A brief synopsis:

Tacgun is: team focused, utilizing small unit tactics via force on force and live fire training and competition, in order to develop teamwork, physical fitness and leadership skills.

Force on Force Team Tactics, November 4-5:

This TacGun event also features an optional CQB Intro day on Friday 3 November.

TacGun Force on Force is an excellent training event utilizing UTM Man Marker Rounds to create close combat conditions where you will be expected to utilize teamwork, communication and leadership. This is also an excellent way to bring friends and family in to tactical training. You will work in teams, using your own AR rifle and optics, and fight a live enemy in the woods and buildings of the VTC. There is a strong element of training to this event, plus an element of competition. This is also great preparation for the other upcoming TacGun events, covered below.

Tacmaggedon, April 2018:

This event is under construction and is planned to be scheduled on a weekend in April 2018. In outline, it will feature (each event separate and voluntary):

  • TacRun: Escape and Evade! This will be a night event, probably on the Friday night, which will be themed ‘Escape and Evade.’ Competitors will run a night course across the hills and valleys of the VTC, with some obstacles, marked with light sticks. You will wear tactical clothing (long pants) but no equipment. Expect (for effect only of course!): Ski mask clad hunter force, barking dogs, tracker hounds, flares, blank fire in the woods, low wire entanglements. You will escape and evade, or be caught!
  • 2-Gun Competition (Saturday): This will be an Outlaw 2-Gun competition, featuring flat range and tactical range stages. This will feature realistic stage scenarios utilizing your rifle and handgun in a competitive tactical environment, incorporating physical / stress elements.
  • Force on Force Elimination Tournament (Sunday): This will be a team (4 person) based event featuring an elimination tournament to find the ultimate victors. This will employ your AR rifle and FoF PPE just the same as a TacGun Force on Force weekend. It will utilize UTM Man Marker rounds, and these will be available for  purchase as needed at the event (no minimum purchase requirement, buy what you want to use).

TacGun Challenge, June 23-24  2018:

The TacGun Challenge is scheduled for June 23-24 2018. This event brings together most of the elements of TacGun (small unit tactics tactical training) over a 2 day competition.

There are 8 Core Events that will be tested at each Challenge. There are no training prerequisites, but competence at the core skills will be expected. The TacGun Challenge will be run as a team event (4 person teams). You can bring a team, or for individuals, teams will be allocated at the Challenge. Events will be conducted either as a team or as individual best effort, with the results collated to determine team placing. Events will use either live fire or UTM force on target or force on force as appropriate – see the detailed description.

There will be 8 Core Events. These events will consist of individual and team challenges. Tasks will be assessed both objectively and subjectively: individual events will be assessed for time and successful task completion; team events will be assessed for successful task completion, teamwork and effort.


  1. Tactical Fitness Test: 2-Mile Speed march
  2. Combat Shooting: rifle & handgun
  3. Weapon Manipulation
  4. Navigation
  5. Move Under Direct Fire: Team Assault
  6. Conduct Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  7. Team Casualty Evacuation
  8. CQB: High Threat Room Clearance

See the TacGun Challenge Page for all the information.