Upcoming Classes

We have the following classes coming up for the remainder of 2015:

There are at least a couple of spaces available on each of these classes, so email me if you are interested.

Note the second Force on Force (FoF) Team Tactics class scheduled for  early 2016:

These FoF classes will most likely avoid the summer in terms of scheduling. We shall see, but with the additional protective equipment, colder may be better.


At some point in 2016, we will bring on the new Scout Class. This has been discussed previously as the Infiltration, Surveillance and Reconnaissance class. This is currently looking like a 5 day class, 4 nights in the field, hard core, maybe once or twice a year. Pre-requisite will be Combat Patrol and most likely MVT Rifleman qualified, in order to ensure physical standards. We are actively discouraging students from coming on this class. Because you have to have completed CTT and Combat Patrol at least once, we know who you are, so don’t bluff yourself and try and book unless you are squared away and serious about training. Lee will be running this class.

2016 looks like this right now:

2016: (Thru June)