Upcoming Class Status + Space Availability

Updates on class availability:

RS/CTT May 12 – 15: Full.

Active Shooter CCW May 21 – 22: 2 spaces available.

Idaho Private Class: The organizer has opened up 2 spaces on the Mobility (26 – 27 May) & Combat Patrol (28 – 30 May) phases of this class. It is only open to Alumni with CTT. Email me if interested.

Force on Force Team Tactics  25 – 26 June: Space Available. This is a mystery, because after the success of the previous FoF class, and given that the leaves will be fully in by June, I expected a larger response for this class. Instead, the interest is with the October 1 -2 Class, which is filling well. expectations of heat perhaps, with the mesh masks? I’ll make a decision on the June class on May 1. The thing with FoF, is you really want the numbers to make it work well. October is looking good, even this far out.

Combat Patrol July 14 – 17: Full.

Combat Rifle Skills: I just put up 2 new class dates for this, and there is availability on them:

  • July 30 – 31.
  • November 5 – 6.

Combat Team Tactics August 11 – 14: Space Available.

Active Shooter CCW August 20 – 21: Space Available.

September and October classes are available.

Note that the decision on the November 11 – 13 MVT Rifleman Challenge will be made on September 1st: if there are not enough sign ups to make the competition work well, it will be cancelled and simply go away.  Market forces will decide! If you want it to run, make sure you get your deposits in before September 1st so I have accountability of numbers.

Thank you, and see you at class!




Team Coyote