Upcoming Class Spaces / Space Available

2 spaces just came up on September 17-20 HEAT 1. To book, the class looks full so you need to write to me to get the open slots.

Other than that, we have space coming up on some classes. If the class looks full, so you can’t book by the usual booking system, you will need to write to me to book a space:

Defensive Concealed Handgun 22-23 August: 2 spaces available.

HEAT 1 27-30 August: Now 4 spaces available.

Long Range 12-13 September: 4 spaces available.

HEAT 1 September 17-20: 2 spaces available.

HEAT 2 8-11 October: 6 spaces available.

HEAT Recon 15-18 October: Newly scheduled class, wide open.

HEAT Night Ops 6-8 November: 6 spaces available.

Defensive Concealed Handgun 21-22 November: 5 spaces available.

HEAT 1 3-6 December: 6 spaces available.