Two Reviews: Reconnaissance Class May 2023

Review 1: David

For those new to recon, you will quickly realize that recon is a totally different trade. The first half of the course is classroom instruction used to introduce students into the mindset and skills behind reconnaissance. For those with recon experience, this will be a good refresher. I appreciated the handouts and quick references provided for recon and mission planning.

The last half of the course is spent planning and executing recon missions in the field. This is your chance to test the skills required to observe and collect intel in the field. Here you will also be exposed to the constant risk of being seen and hunted by live OpFor (enemy forces). In the course I attended, we had a considerable amount of OpFor who are also students at MVT. This made the missions much more challenging and fun. After the missions, you get an in-depth AAR and feedback on your performance.

This class is a great way to test your gear, your fitness, your fieldcraft, your leadership, and your tactical training. Recon is an art that all should know, but few can master. I am happy to see that MVT is keeping the art of recon alive and giving it the attention it deserves.

Review 2: Headshot

This course, as long as it may seem, actually gave a very brief glimpse into what goes on while trying to conduct reconnaissance operations. I found this to have an in-depth, technical, and encompassing view on the subject of reconnaissance. While sneaking through the woods is a start, it is far more to the act than people tend to realize.

Starting from getting the mission order, to making a plan in so much detail, like how to communicate when you are unable to talk, plans in case certain things happen, etc. Then to brief the plan in a structured and coherent way all before even leaving the wire.
The depth of planning alone gave me a newfound respect for those who do this, not to mention how to lead a team in a process such as this. Almost every detail needed to be discussed, and thought out well in advance of the execution of the mission.

I have found myself wanting to practice, take to heart, and understand the many lessons so that I can have a solid grasp of the basics. So that, if I find myself able to run this course again, I can learn even more from the instruction provided. If this is something that you find yourself interested in, then I highly recommend attending this course.