Treason: Interview with General’s Flynn and McInerney

This is an amazing interview:

Flynn is on till the 30 minute mark. The most interesting piece is following that with Lt. General McInerney. Revelations include:

41:40 – Confirms that Sidney Powell’s reference to “the Kraken” is actually an organization, specifically the nickname for the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion.

42:58 – The 305th identified China, Iran, Russia as being involved in the vote count manipulation

43:15 – US special operations forces seized a CIA server farm in Frankfurt Germany, where the swing state vote count data was being sent on election night

43:50 – Initial report is that US SOF soldiers died in the operation vs the CIA operated facility. Fighting who?

47:00 – Describes the situation as TREASON, prompting POTUS tightening up the command structure of US SOF.