Training the Right Way, and without the Intimidation Factor



Max Velocity Tactical has been open as a tactical training school for 4 years now. We run a unique training program with unique facilities. We have extensive woodland based live fire areas including live fire maneuver lanes, ambush and raid areas. We utilize a mix of electronic pop-up targets, manikins and stick-in targets to create an unsurpassed training facility. We have now branched into force on target and force on force Small Unit Tactics (SUT) and Close Quarter Battle (CQB) training. There are a number of areas where progress has been made:

1) We have been building and improving on the training site itself at the Velocity Training Center in Romney, West Virginia.

  • We built 2 flat ranges.
  • We enlarged and improved the live fire training areas.
  • We purchased more pop-up targets and training aids to improve the live fire training areas.

Above: Ivan pops up!


  • We are building and improving on a new Force on  Force CQB / scenario training site, one of several in the works.

Above: Force on Force CQB site under construction.

2) The cadre continues to be built and expanded, all experienced professional soldiers.


3) We constantly strive with improvements and additions to our course design.

4) We have established a satellite location, MVT West, in Spokane WA and we are working to bring the full range of classes on line there.


5) We have taken the classes mobile across the country, designing target shields so that the electronic pop-ups can be used and deployed in temporary locations, for the same training effect as at the VTC in Romney.


Above: Ivan at a mobile class, behind his steel shield.

6) We run a unique school and have developed unparalleled professional training classes for the responsible citizen. Our success has been recognized and now we are being used as a training location for US Special Operations Forces (SOF). These guys can recognize a good thing when they see it.


Other than the facilities and the training aids that we have invested in, which add a huge value to the training we provide, in fact the most important part of what we deliver is the training curriculum itself. There are some important aspects to that:

1) The quality of instruction: here at MVT we are careful in the selection of cadre. They must be quality professional soldiers, who have deployed, and have the relevant experience in small unit tactics. But most of all – they must be teachers. This game isn’t about being tough guys, or having the best beards, but about being able to pass on years of training and experience in a way that students can understand it in a relatively short period on a training class.

Above: Chris and Scott running a debrief after ‘Hamburger Hill.’

2) Class Design: specifically, we have tweaked and amended our class designs, always improving, to the point where we deliver an excellent curriculum, whether it be in live fire or force on force training. We try to keep our prices down, in order to make the classes attainable, and that has to be balanced against overhead generated by the aforementioned facilities and training aids. You are getting huge value at an MVT class!

3) Class design has to be grounded in absolute adherence to live fire safety standards, both in the conduct of cadre and students on the ranges, but also with the design of the ranges themselves, including correct surveys and use of established safety angles and distances.

4) The classes have been designed to be intensive, but not too much. MVT in fact offers a progression, and due to training safety requirements some classes have a training prerequisite. All the classes have been improved since inception with the first class 4 years ago, massively so, and additional classes have been added, such as Combat Patrol, Force on Force and CQB, after much planning and design.

5) Beware of highly priced classes offered infrequently and seemingly aimed at a fan base for a high profile instructor. On looking at the curriculum, it appears highly exciting but too much, crammed into too little time, for any of it to be effectively taught and understood. The problem is that many do not know any better.

6) Something that we at MVT come across is what we may call ‘the intimidation factor.’ I have written about this before, and it is related to fear of failure, and of looking a fool at class. I have also written about the Dunning-Kruger effect. So we have a couple of things going on:

  • Those that do not recognize their own training shortcomings, and disparage the need for training at all. This is the bulk of the idiocy you will find out there on the internet, and in the ‘gun culture.’ These are blowhards and it will be hard to wake them up to the need for training.
  • Those who recognize their own training shortcomings, and want to do something about it. They have the admirable humility to recognize this, but they are not signing up due to a fear of failure / of looking a fool at class. MVT classes are ‘no ego zones’ and they are designed for a straight transfer of information and physical combat skills. We don’t pussyfoot about but at the same time we do not victimize or humiliate. We don’t expect people to show up all ‘high speed’ or what would be the point? We are teachers and we are here to teach. You will both succeed and fail a little as you go through the training and overall you will be successful and learn a great deal. Learn a great deal that could be the difference in keeping your family alive in a crisis.
  • We then have the guys at a higher level of training who recognize the value in MVT classes, and the value in repeating classes and moving through the progression. These guys are all over it and will keep returning for training. These are our core alumni.
  • We even have professional SOF at a high level of professional training who recognize the value in both the classes and the facility. We want you to understand that the training can be fine tuned both for these ‘high speed operators’ and for the ‘higher drag’ guy who still needs to train.

We do not want anyone to be intimidated away from our training classes!



Among all the crap out there on the internet, I wrote this post to make the case for the quality and value that we provide at MVT. These are not run of the mill faux ‘tactical’ classes based on the square range. These are extremely well designed and conducted professional classes using a number of expensive and high value training aids. For the price that we charge for these classes, no-one is providing better value, nor is anyone providing the level of SUT training that you will receive at an MVT class.

For all of us in the cadre, none of this is about any of ‘us.’ As cadre, all of us have strong track records as professional soldiers with an instructional pedigree. None of us have won the medal of honor or written a book about ourselves. We are quiet professionals, although there is indeed a smattering of medals for valor among the cadre. In fact none of us even have really great beards! However, what we will do is give you the best training experience that you will get.

We do tell people at class that “this is not about you.” That is both truth and a lie. The class is indeed for you and about you, and we give our all to get you as well trained as we can. There are so many more moving parts to our classes than a standard instructor on a cool guy flat range will ever know. Live fire training areas with pop-up targets that have to be deployed and moved, real time safety angles that have to be enforced, all of that. The cadre is exhausted after a weekend! These guys give their all to pass on this knowledge to you. What we really mean by the ‘it’s not about you’ comment, is to try and adjust peoples mindset to the TEAM. This is something that is largely missed with all the pew pew classes out there. It is not enough to be able to ‘run your gun’ on your own – your skills are in fact developed to keep you buddy alive, and him you. Unless you can understand the need and importance of the team, then there is no point training in SUT.

This is something that infantrymen understand – they do not fight for a General or a cause, but for their buddies either side of them. It will be the same for you if the hammer ever drops. You will fight for friends and family.

Get the right training.

That is all. Thank you.


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