Training Slots & Planned Posts

HERE is the link to my post on training weekends. You can also find more details on my website HERE.
I have some spaces left on my upcoming courses. My maximum number of students per weekend is 12. When I get to 8 bookings (i.e. two 4 man teams) I stop worrying and trying to fill the numbers. Anywhere from 8 – 12 students is a good number.
August 31 weekend now stands at 8 students. If you want to book, there is still time and I can take up to another 4 students.
Oct 12 is a popular weekend and already has 10 bookings. There is room for another 2.
September 14 seems to be one of those weekends where I picked a bad time (kids going back to school?) and it needs some more bookings. I will run a training weekend at minimum with four students, which allows me to get everyone up to team level. 
Upcoming Posts:

I was up at the site over the weekend helping a couple of guys with work improving the training facilities (it’s time to move past the tarp as a school house…) and I also met with J.C. Dodge of Mason Dixon Tactical. He usually runs courses up at Echo Valley, also in Hampshire County WV, and he was an AI/facilitator on Mosby’s recent training weekends held at Echo Valley.
J.C. was kind enough to stay for the day and help – we invented a new MVT selection exercise involving carrying 2 x 6 x 20′ planking through the WV woods at the training site. Between that and the new pull-up bar that has been installed at the school house location, we may have to add a whole new level of PT to training weekends…..only joking!
We discussed tactical use of four-wheeler ATV’s and I’m going to work on a post about that this week, hopefully with some input from J.C.

I get asked a lot about the sequel to Patriot Dawn. My excuse is that I am busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest right now. However, I have been working on the story line and it will get written, if the actual collapse does not come first. I hope to be able to start writing it in the next couple of months. 
Live Hard, Die Free.