Training Courses: Combat Rifle/Contact Drills – Spaces Available

HERE is the LINK to my main post about available training spaces.

I have spaces available on the following upcoming training weekends:

August 31/September 1

September 14/15

October 12/13

November 9/10 

December – no training weekends. Dates in the New Year are yet to be scheduled. 

Details on the Main Post HERE
Demand is hit and miss, some weekends fill up rapidly and others are less popular. The last training weekend, August 3/4, was maxed out with 12 students. It’s just a case of getting the word out there.
I don’t want potential students to be scared off. I am running this training specifically because it is what you need to take you beyond the ‘square range’ into a more realistic tactical environment. However, safety during training is paramount. Also, I operate on a crawl/walk/run process and you will not be taken beyond what you are capable of. 
Fitness: your fitness may not be ideal, and may need working on. However, I have had a 67 year old complete the course with no problem. On the August 3/4 weekend a gentleman ended up going through the lanes in a standing position, simulating taking cover, due to knee issues. He still benefited from the training and is determined to work on weight/fitness issues before returning. Good on him.
So my point: 
1) You will go as far and fast on the course as you are physically capable of doing.
2) Don’t put it off for ‘performance anxiety’ reasons. You need the training and it is not beyond you. It is not a tacticool ego course and you are there to learn, not prove yourself.
Camping is available at site free of charge if you choose not to stay in a local hotel/motel. We continue to improve the ranges and facilities and hope to have an improved better shelter/school house area up prior to the next class,.
There are plenty of AARs on the blog so please take a moment to read them. 
Live Hard, Die Free.