Training / Class Updates

I’m just getting back into the office after returning from the Texas classes. Texas was excellent, and we ran the Combat Patrol class there for the first time, and with the new format for the class. Excellent. Look out for dates and information for Texas Classes February / March 2017.

I have the following thoughts and imminent training class changes:

1. I recently posted about basic tactical class physical fitness requirements HERE. There are a minority who doggedly resist reading any information before showing up for class, or fail to do any conditioning whatsoever. I have been updating the website and class descriptions this morning with links to these PT pointers, and I have updated the Tactical Fitness Training Plans page accordingly. You need to have a basic level of physical fitness, agility, and mental alertness for these classes. Failing to do so may result in an inability to maintain the strict safety standards, and will also result in a less than optimal learning experience for the student.

2. I have also updated the pages with statements similar to this:

Max Velocity Tactical Tactical classes specialize in the teaching of combat proven, adapted, legitimate light infantry tactics, techniques and procedures. Training is informed by a background and experience in SOF / elite forces, and additionally by close protection / paramilitary contracting work. These classes are the real deal, and the tactics, techniques and procedures are familiar to any graduate of Ranger School or SFQC. Tactical classes are not simply a regurgitation of basic military manuals or training, but are adapted to the students whether civilian, military, or contractor, based on real world operational experience in hostile / combat environments.

Physical Fitness: due to the nature of the training, in real combat tactics, there is a basic physical fitness requirement for all tactical classes that move off the square range. You need to have a basic level of physical fitness and agility, as well as be mentally alert. See HERE for more detail.

3. I am most likely going to not schedule any further 6 Day combined classes, or at least very few. I’m considering this. This is with the exception of remote private group classes. Why? These 6 days are the classes that are most likely for students to turn up inadequately prepared. The classes are popular due to the notion of saving travel and ‘getting it all done’ in one shot. It is more optimal to attend CTT, which is a 3 day class (with an optional 1 day Rifle Skills class in front of it = 4 days) and then go away and work on your skills, gear and physical fitness, before returning – often for another CTT class, or perhaps then for Combat Patrol.

4. I am also likely to change the Combat Patrol class to a 4 day class. This will allow more time for revision training before launching into the new materiel, and simply more training time in general. We can remind / revise some of the material from CTT, and have time for new material, such as satellite patrolling, in more depth. The current new format with the recce patrol on the first night (will be the second night with a 4 day class) and then a full overnight ambush patrol on the final night/morning works really well.

5. The AR500 target shields worked really well in Texas, and allowed use of the electronic pop-up targets for remote classes. This really enhances the student training experience, and MVT is available for remote private classes. I have several coming up in 2016

6. Rifleman Challenge: This is perplexing for me. I hear a lot of chatter about doing the RC, but my booking roster with paid deposits is thin. I understand the fear of failure etc. I have to decide if the effort of running the RC is worth the student attendance. Many just don’t give a monkey about reaching any kind of standard. At this time, I am likely to cancel the April RC, and probably put it on once a year in September. I will then  judge attendance. If this statement suddenly generates a bunch of bookings, because you were just waiting, then I may reconsider, but email me first before sending a deposit. I will make a decision in a couple of days pending any responses. I may replace the April RC with either a CTT or a Land Navigation  class. Perhaps even another Force on Force Team Tactics? Feedback is always welcome.

7. I am aware that I need to put out the schedule for the remainder of of 2016. Once I have made a decision on these various class policies expect it within a couple of weeks.

8. Many have asked me for a formal leadership class. Given the time it takes for new classes to gain traction, that is likely a long time off. I will however remind you that the FoF Team Tactics Class is designed both as a practical application of skills learned, and also as a dynamic leadership class. I think many have missed that aspect.