Thoughts on Organization

One of the biggest problems faced by preppers is the whole ‘OPSEC’ and group building thing. Finding decent people out there. That is one of the main obstacles to preparing for any of the ‘post-collapse’ tactics that we all talk about, and that I promote/ train: you need TEAM. Whether  for defending a retreat or a subdivision, or fighting foreign enemies, you can’t do it without team.

First you need decent people.

Then you need to train to an acceptable standard.

The combination of those two things will give you a chance of producing a TEAM: it’s an ongoing evolution – conducting effective training will in itself help select and bond the team, while good training can also have character building effects on people.

In this article I will talk a little bit about the building blocks for an effective tactical organization. This will not be about the logistical/auxiliary/Intel side, but that needs to be there in order to allow a tactical group to remain effective.

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So the main problem is finding people. After that, it is lack of effective training. So, let’s keep this small, keep it local. I think that a mistake that many who are more on the prepping than tactical side make, is that they can’t find suitable people, or bring themselves to trust anyone, and part of this is the assumption that whoever you link up with must get immediate access to your retreat and stuff. That is a huge impediment. An easier way would be to step back from the whole “we are going to all meet at your retreat and can stuff” and just meet socially.

MVT offers resources to find people close to you. Whether you meet them at a training class, or on the MVT Forum, you can meet people with a like minded interest in training, without having to bare your soul or let them know the secret location of your Mountain House stash (my preciousssss….). This gives you the option of training partners. If it develops into a relationship of mutual trust, then that is a good thing. In NOVA, via the forum, we have started some meet ups. All it is is a small group of scoundrels meeting in a den of iniquity for a few drinks. I tell you, it’s a great way to get out of baby duty for an evening ;-)



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