Thoughts on Class Progression

I have been taking notes on the feedback people have been giving me in blog comments. I am now doing the MVT thing, as well as writing (Sequel to Patriot Dawn) full time, so there are no excuses. I am about to introduce the Combat Patrol Class (first class 18-20 January, 3 places remaining) which is the progression from the standard CRCD Class.

Combat Patrol is a progression from the required CRCD, and although it is termed a patrol class, it is also a Small Unit Tactics (SUT) class. Topics covered include the basics of patrolling, patrol base, living in the field, recce patrol and also live fire contact drills in various forms, ambush, hasty attack and raid. However, although there are opportunities and they will be exploited, this is not so much a leadership class, but a led class through these activities.

I have seen two main topics of requests: Leadership and Alumni Weekends. Based on this I am considering developing a couple of additional courses, for implementation once the patrol class is bedded in and I have done all the work in the site to take it to its potential. In order that you have the required level of ‘basic training’ in TTPs and safety, both the CRCD and Combat Patrol classes will be prerequisites for the advanced classes.

1) A Teamwork/Leadership class. In outline, this would likely take the form of a scenario based weekend of either balanced force on force or friendlies (FREEFOR) versus an OPFOR. Both my wife and I have experience in this field. It does not have to always be full combat, it may involve scenario based FreeFor activity, such as aid to the civil population, rescue missions, use of agents and dead drops, role players etc. With a healthy dose of bad guys in there somewhere! I am always motivated to create realism, and will likely look into the use of MILES gear or similar, to be used with blank rounds, to make this as realistic as possible.

2) I am considering some sort of additionally dynamic weekend, or maybe just a day, for a competition/selection. The current classes do not ‘select’ or pass/fail. So long as you abide by safety rules and instruction, and have the heart to get up and down the ranges, you pass the class. I am considering offering a harder weekend, neither the Combat Patrol or the CRCD. Perhaps some sort of selection event, nothing super hard, but with standards. If you pass, you get an additional badge or tab to the one I hand out at CRCD classes. I am considering an event perhaps along these lines:

  • A rapid approach march, to contact. I design a route at the site, which given the hills would be maybe 2 miles with a set pass time. We do it as a squad or individually.  A standard weight is carried.
  • At the finish point, there is some form of shoot. This could be scored individuality or a team event. March & Shoot.
  • An extraction with a casualty.
  • It occurs to me that you could well do with TC3 if you are doing the casualty extraction, so perhaps this event could be combined with some initial TC3 training?
  • Perhaps some form of longer route march, with full ruck weight. Maybe with a raid at the end?

Just some ideas for now. Input is appreciated as we develop the concepts.  As with all these things, now that I have mentioned it, it will probably take on a momentum of its own and happen rapidly….MILES gear will be an expense/investment.

Live Hard.

Die Free.