The Purge 2020 Sale: 10% Off all ShotStop Plates + Free Shipping!

The Purge 2020 Sale!

10% Off all ShotStop Ballistic Plates + Free Shipping!

Discount code: purge2020

Until 25 December!

Protect yourself. Protect your family. The Purge is coming. Survive it!

ShotStop Ballistic Plates

Discount code: purge2020

If you want the lightest, thinnest and most effective ballistic plates, buy ShotStop.

Are these plates little on the expensive side? Yes. Because you are paying for quality, lightness and effectiveness, with a 15 year warranty.

Don’t trust your instinct to buy cheap. Realize the importance of stopping penetrating trauma to the torso for your survivability, ability to fight back, and win.

For example, the GT2 plates by ShotStop are an amazing balance of protection level against light weight and thinness. The plates have been designed as a “Special Threat” capability. These plates will stop the standard rounds stopped by a Level 3 plate, but in addition they will also stop multi-hit impacts from:

  • M855 / SS109 ‘Green Tip.”
  • M193
  • M855 A1
  • 7.62 x 39
  • .308 / 7.62
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is stopping-power-1024x790.jpg

The diagram above shows how the GT2 plates rank in terms of stopping power. This plate will stop all threats except the M2 AP round. In terms of a sensible risk assessment, you can wear these GT2 plates at 3.8lb each, and stop all threats except the M2 AP round. That is an excellent trade off between mobility versus protection. Everything we do in tactical world is always a calculated risk – these plates balance very well the tradeoff between mobility and protection.

The Green Tip (M855) round is one of the most common rounds purchased. And most plates will not stop it. The M193 is also very common, and is kryptonite to steel plates. Are the Military coming after you to force you into that corona virus vaccine? They may well be using M855 A1 – The GT2 plate will stop that.

Now is not the time to be messing about. Protect yourself. The Purge is coming; it is already here. Tired of medical tyranny and death of the United States Constitution, and need to protect your family? Don’t be a fool, stop wearing that ridiculous and ineffective mask, and wear ShotStop plates instead.

Forking out the cost of ShotStop plates is easier than trying to survive and treat penetrating trauma to the torso / thoracic cavity, would you not agree?

A set of these plates is in my plate carrier.

ShotStop Ballistic Plates

Discount code: purge2020