The MVT Forum

Are you on the MVT Forum? If not, why not?

You may be missing out on a lot of information, updates, etc. It doesn’t really happen here on the blog anymore, but on the MVT Forum. My focus has shifted from writing articles for general blog consumption, to training. The old blog archive is on the MVT Forum, and specific articles are written that appear on the MVT Forum only. The MVT Forum supports training. At some point, you have to move beyond trying to learn by reading, and actually show up for training.

In the meantime, do PT so you can meet and exceed the new MVT Tactical Training Fitness Prerequsites.

If you are a student or alumni, I would also highly recommend the MVT Forum in preparation for class or ongoing classes, and for your tactical training development in general.

Membership is also a requirement for claiming Founding Alumni discounts, and also for the new Cabin Club.