The future of the Combat Leader Course: HEAT Squad Tactics

The Combat Leader Course was designed as an 8 Day class due to the optimum number of students being 13, and having time to run a mission with each student as Squad Leader (2 missions per day). It was also discussed that many people may want to attend the class but without the pressure of being the squad leader. To simply learn as a rifleman in the squad, perhaps at most being a team leader. Following the AAR for the 2019 class, the difficulty of getting OPFOR for the week, and the problems with time off for students, we have cancelled the CLC. On the face of it that is tragic, because the CLC is an excellent class, however we have a solution.

In order to solve the various issues and continue the excellent training offered by the CLC, the class has been replaced by HEAT Squad Tactics. Follow THIS LINK to HEAT Squad Tactics to read more about this successor 4 day class.

It is also clear that there is a certain amount of prejudice among the ‘gun community’ for ‘airsoft’. This has been verbalized to me several times by students on live fire classes, incredulous about the Airsim classes. This is pure nonsense. Airsim has proved to be a better tool for professional simulation of combat missions that UTM ever was. Force on Force training, structured in the way that we conduct it at MVT, is essential to your tactical development. This nonsense about ‘airsoft’ needs to be knocked on the head.

Here is the information from the Squad Tactics Page:

Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) offers 4 Day HEAT Squad Tactics training events. These are immersive scenario based training events utilizing AirSim professional training weapons. The HEAT Squad Tactics classes involve the practical application of team based combat tactics in realistic training scenarios against a dedicated opposing force (OPFOR).

Force on Force events are an excellent training opportunity as part of the MVT training progression – these events fill a vital role in developing your tactical effectiveness, with a focus on teamwork, leadership, and team communication along with effective tactical application. 

Squad Tactics is the successor to the Combat Leader Course.

Class Schedule:

Thursday AM:

  • Arrival / Reception.
  • AirSim Issue / Brief / Test Fire.
  • Lectures: mission planning / orders.
  • Tactics rehearsals / demonstration.

Thursday PM:

  • Cadre-Led Orders / Rehearsals.
  • Cadre-Led mission (Max leads the first mission as squad leader).

Friday – Saturday:

  • Two full mission profiles (FMP) per day.
  • Each mission planned / briefed / rehearsed by a student volunteer Patrol Leader.
  • Missions may include: raid, ambush, hostage rescue, woodland / CQB etc.
  • Sequence:
    • Receive Mission (the night before).
    • Battle Procedure: planning, mission brief, rehearsals.
    • Execute Mission: AirSim force on force battle exercise.
    • Debrief / lessons learned.


  • Final student mission.
  • AAR.
  • Depart.

Patrol Leader positions (x 5) will be given to student volunteers. The first mission will be cadre (i.e. Max) led. When not a Patrol Leader, or if you don’t want to do it, you will fill spaces as Riflemen and Team Leaders.

Note: There are no MVT class prerequisites for attendance at FOF; students should be at an appropriate training level where they can manipulate and operate their weapon, allowing them to focus on the Force on Force training. Such initial training may be gained elsewhere. Examples of appropriate MVT classes providing this instruction are are: HEAT 0.5 & HEAT 1.

The MVT Fitness Assessment is NOT Required.

The H.E.A.T. FOF events are woodland based, utilizing the training range of the AirSim Professional Training Rifles, and incorporating the CQB buildings / structures into the training environment.

4 day Class Cost:

  • TUITION: $800
  • AirSim Rental (optional): Rifle, Gas, BB’s): Included.

OPFOR (Opposing Force):

  • There will be a requirement for a 4-6 man volunteer OPFOR to support the training objectives.
  • There are learning opportunities for OPFOR, by taking part as enemy and listening to debriefs.
  • OPFOR will not pay tuition.