The First 5 Day Combined Class

I’ve been up at site preparing for the first 5 day Combined CRCD/Combat Patrol Class.

We have a full complement of 12 students. Alan and Fred have also graciously volunteered some of their time to help with range safety and as live enemy (!? – I hope they brought good body armor!)

The class will run CRCD Saturday & Sunday, and then into Combat Patrol Monday thru Wednesday.

My most excellent local contractor guy, Kevin, has now completed the new road from the parking area into the ranges, cutting across the bottom of the triangle and saving some good distance. He has also created a huge new parking are adjacent to the old one, plus a small parking area and also a larger flat campsite area out at the ranges themselves. He is now pushing a road into Range 3, to allow access by vehicle/ATV without having to drive up to the top or the ridge, round and down into the valley. Its amazing what you can do with a 7-ton loader. Git R Done!

I’ll see you at the meet point in the morning!

Live Hard.

Die Free.