The End of the Republic

I do not take lightly this assault on the Republic. This is not politics as usual; this is a civilizational attack on Western Civilization.

I am furious, but full of resolve.

We, the Patriots, are considered the greatest threat by our deep state overlords, and yet we have been law-abiding. We have not rioted in the streets. We keep the peace.

I settled here in peace, I am raising a family. I have always had an eye towards tyranny, which is why I started Max Velocity Tactical, but I hoped it would never come.

We do not want war. A war between the people on this continent would be a terrible thing. We want peace, but a peace based on the fundamental laws of this Constitutional Republic.

However, we will not let the Republic fall. We will not see the end of Liberty. We are being pushed towards war by the actions of the Socialists. They are anti-American and wish to see the end of us.

I am telling you, we do not want this to happen, but if war comes, we will have to fight.

We will not submit, we will not give in. We will not give ourselves over to the lies of the Socialist’s, who threaten the very existence of the United States.

Leave us in peace. Leave us to live our lives in Liberty, under the U.S. Constitution, in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. I have sworn an oath to defend the United States Constitution, as have many others.

My kit is packed and ready to go. I train in it daily.

It seems like the Commies are never gonna quit. And they always do what they do when they get power:

Here is a lament for what we may lose: