The Cierzo Shirt / Suit

Ben from TRC Outdoors had sent me, the longest time ago, a Cierzo Shirt. It was a blast from the past because we used to have these made from parachute material, and I had one in green. The shirts / suits are a super-lightweight but packable garment made from parachute material that adds a layer of warmth / windproof. As far as the MVT fight Lite concept goes, you can shove these into a pouch or pocket and have something to put on if you are caught out. Anyway, I never bothered my ass to do a review, so I finally got around to it today after a read about a new Pre-order they have going in a notice on Soldier Systems Daily:

Pre-Order – TRC Outdoors Cierzo Suit

The point is, this kit is well worth having. I was amused by the write up they have on SSD:

Cierzo Suits have a nerdily interesting history.  Are you sitting comfortably?  The first mention of them we have found was as garments made by SAS Troopers from their parachutes after they had dropped into France prior to D-Day. They were a UKSF, Royal Marine Mountain & Arctic Cadre, and Airborne Forces staple all throughout the BCE (Before Crye Existed) era, falling out of fashion during the GWOT.  We resurrected them and bought them up to date with modern fabric, a few design tweaks and modern construction techniques.  The garment is meant to be used as a windproof outer layer or as an intermediate layer.  They can even be worn under a damp outer layer while it dries out.  Cierzo Suits punch well above their weight in terms of the warmth they offer, especially in windy conditions and mountainous terrain.  Ideal for hasty halts, OPs, as a tent suit, wet/dry drills in the jungle, glassing for game, sitting in tree stands, or as a lightweight and rapidly deployable camo garment in your BOB. Our Cierzo Suits are manufactured in the UK by the company responsible for procuring silk for parachutes during WW2, which is a rather neat connection we think!  

Cierzo Suits come in two fittings; regular and long (for cave trolls over 6’).

Discounted Price Now – Dispatched on 3rd May 21.

The Cierzo suit was originally produced as an Urgent Operational Requirement for a UKSF Unit, we are excited to add Cierzo Suits to our Core Product Range. Consisting of our popular Cierzo Shirt, the new Cierzo Trousers and a matching Dry Bag. The Cierzo Suit is a one-stop product to get you ready for Wet & Dry Drills in the Jungle; sitting, glassing for game; or hiking & camping. Lightweight and compact, you can throw a Cierzo Suit into your bag ready for when you need it.

Here are a couple of photos I took of the shirt today: