The Awesome Must Have Gear Item!



Above: NightCap with PVS-14 and ancillary mounting arms/shroud etc.

Got your attention? Rightly so.

Gear Recommendation: Crye Precision NightCap. $97.50. Multicam or Black.

This item is only relevant to you if you are planning on wearing NODs – PVS-14 or some such night vision. It doesn’t look that cool wearing it during the day, or without NODs.

Why is it great?

1) It works, it is comfortable. You have to fit a shroud to it into which the mount and arm for the PVS-14 goes, just like on a helmet. It is well adjustable and has a comfortable pad on the forehead under the shroud. Example Shroud.

2) Unlike a skull crusher, which of course crushes your skull, you can raise the NODs up just like if you are wearing a helmet. The NightCap does not crush your skull.

3) Unless you are wearing a helmet for ballistic or bump reasons, the NightCap is the way to go.

4) You can fold the NightCap up and put it in the pouch with your PVS-14’s, the mount and arm assembly. If you think about it, this means that you can always have the ability to wear your NODs on your person. If you had this pouch on your belt, or your patrol pack, and you lost your helmet, you can still wear the NODs. Even if you carry a helmet, the NightCap gives you an alternative low profile or emergency option.

5) A great low profile option for night recce patrols.

6) It comes in multicam or black. I had a conversation with Chris about this, in which he sensibly pointed out to me that it is worn at night , and therefore black is the best color to buy it in. Hell no! I have one in multicam. Why? Becasue multicam is cool. Let’s not forget the first rule of gear – it must LOOK GOOD!

All joking aside, this is a truly great piece of gear.

If you are looking to attend a Night Optical Device Firing (NODF) Class, or the Night Fighting (NF) Class, then you should consider this piece of gear. If you don’t feel you need a bump helmet, and don’t feel a ballistic helmet is necessary, then you won’t go wrong.

For the record, I do have an Ops-Core ballistic FAST helmet. That is an  option. I can carry the NightCap with my NODs at all times.

MVT has no financial interest in, and will receive no compensation from, Crye Precision. It would be nice though ;-)