Texas Classes: Night Firing (NODF)

There have been a number of inquires about adding the Night Firing (NODF) class to the Texas classes. I will make it available, probably on the second night of the CTT phase of both the CTT/Mobility 5 day, and the CTT/Patrol 6 day.

However, be aware that for this class you will need the equipment specified on the NODF page HERE. This mainly consists of a head mounted NVG (i.e PVS-14) and a weapon amounted IR laser (i.e DBAL/OTAL). See the page for details. Don’t bring any half-ass gear.

The class also costs $200 and will require 400 rounds.

We can finalize this at class, on day one if necessary, in terms of numbers and who has the right equipment. It’s not an issue.