Texas Classes Feb/Mar 2017 Update

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2017 Classes

Classes take place on a large private ranch close to Brady, Texas. The ranch offers excellent training land. There is a comfortable hunting lodge at the ranch which is the main accommodation option of choice.


17-20 Feb, 2017 (Fri-Mon) – Rifle Skills & Combat Team Tactics – $800 – 6 Spaces Remaining

This is four day Combat Team Tactics Class (combined Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics progression). This is an ideal training progression for students new to MVT tactical training. This call will involve 2 days on the square range, and 2 days tactical team drills. Class maximum: 16.

Note: This 4 day class is the 2 day Combat Rifle Skills class followed by the 2 day Tactical Training Ranges of Combat Team Tactics. It is a full progression. 


22-26 Feb, 2017 (Wed-Sun) – Combat Team Tactics & Mobility – $1,000 – 9 Spaces Remaining

This is the 3 day Combat Team Tactics and 2 day Mobility / Convoy Tactics Class that we ran in Texas in 2015 & 2016 (see videos/links on the full Texas Classes Page). Class maximum: 16
Note: This is the third year we have run this class in Texas, we also ran it in Idaho in May 2016. This is perhaps my favorite of the three classes, and I only run Mobility at remote locations, due to the requirement for suitable terrain. This is the full 3 day CTT class followed by 2 days of Mobility. What is ‘mobility?” This is not an off-road class! This is a vehicle movement, bug out, tactical use of vehicles class. It involves extensive dismounted drills when vehicles are immobilized as part of the scenario. Due to the 5 day progression, by day 5 I am able to allow a lot of free play in the scenarios, and there is excellent training benefit to this class. If you ever think you will need to use a vehicle in an emergency situation, then you need this class.


28 Feb – 3 Mar, 2017 (Tue-Fri) – Combat Patrol – $750 – FULL

This is the 4 day Combat Patrol Class. This is for Combat Team Tactics Graduates only.


4-5 Mar, 2017 (Sat-Sun) – CQB & Force on Force – $350 + $400 for UTM ammo – 6 Spaces Remaining

This is a 2 day add-on to the 4 day Combat Patrol Class. It will be 1 day CQB training utilizing UTM rounds, and 1 day FoF Team Tactics utilizing UTM rounds. This class is for Combat Team Tactics graduates only. It can be taken without the preceding Combat Patrol Class, but priority will go to students who want to do the whole 6 day event.