Texas Classes Feb / March 2017 & The Mobility Class


There are 3 (4) classes available in Texas in February / March 2017. This will be the third year we have run classes and since the first CTT / Mobility class in 2015 the class offerings have evolved.

The classes are listed below. I notice that the Combat Patrol (CP) class is already nearly full with previous class alumni (a attendance requirement for CP). The 4 day RS/CTT class is over half full already. However, the 5 day CTT / Mobility class is not yet over half way full.

With the CTT / Mobility class I suspect that this is due to terminology and misunderstanding over what happens, and the training objectives, in the class. The first 3 days of the class are the standard Combat Team Tactics class. The final two days are Mobility. This is not an off-road driving class or similar. The class is about the tactical employment of convoys, using your own vehicles,  for moves in high threat environments. It covers the scope of ‘bugging out’ with family personal, to use of vehicles for patrolling and Quick Reaction Forces.  If you plan on using vehicles in any way  in a crisis, you need this class. There are a number of scenarios covered on the class, such as convoy movement, danger area crossing, QRF drills, ambush, vehicles immobilized, casualties etc.

The great value of this class is the fact that by the fifth day, students are reaching a level of competence where I can throw curve balls at you during the scenarios, live, and you have to react to them. Alumni of 2016 in Texas, or 2016 in Idaho, will be able to attest to the value of that. This is the true value of the class. Other than the Force on Force Team tactics classes, Mobility gets the closest to free play, within the scope of range safety.

I can’t recommend it enough.

Below: Idaho 2016. Vehicle immobilized in the kill zone drill. The pillow represents a young child.


Below: Idaho 2016: Casualty!


Below: Ambush! This is real footage of a Houthi Ambush on  Saudi Convoy. This footage, among much more, is used for tactical analysis on the MVT Forum in the ‘Combat Media’ forum. If you are bugging out with your family in this convoy, how are you going to react to this? Looks like Idaho to me…..!



Class Dates and Details

17-20 Feb, 2017 (Fri-Mon) – Rifle Skills & CTT – $800

This is four day Combat Team Tactics Class (combined Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics progression). This is an ideal training progression for students new to MVT tactical training. This call will involve 2 days on the square range, and 2 days tactical team drills. Class maximum: 16.


22-26 Feb, 2017 (Wed-Sun) – CTT & Mobility – $1,000

This is the 3 day Combat Team Tactics and 2 day Mobility / Convoy Tactics Class that we ran in Texas in 2015 & 2016 (see videos/links below).
The course design will follow a progression in outline, to include:
  • Weapons Manipulation.
  • Individual Reaction Drills.
  • Pairs and Team Fire and Movement.
  • Pairs and Team Break Contact Drills.
  • Squad Attack.
  • Vehicle / Convoy Movement.
  • React to Contact Mounted / Actions On.
  • Break Contact vehicle(s) immobilized / dismounted.

This is an excellent class as has been shown the two years it has already run in Texas, and also this year in Idaho. The mobility training, particularly  by day 5 of the combined class following CTT, allows students to reach a good level of competence working together. This allows for free play scenarios to be utilized in the training, throwing curve balls at the students as they try and execute the drills in an unpredictable environment.

Class maximum: 16


28 Feb – 3 Mar, 2017 (Tue-Fri) – Combat Patrol – $750

This is the 4 day Combat Patrol Class. This is for Combat Team Tactics Graduates only.

4-5 Mar, 2017 (Sat-Sun) – CQB & Force on Force – $350 + $400 for UTM ammo

This is a 2 day add-on to the 4 day Combat Patrol Class. It will be 1 day CQB training utilizing UTM rounds, and 1 day FoF Team Tactics utilizing UTM rounds. This class is for Combat Team Tactics graduates only. It can be taken without the preceding Combat Patrol Class, but priority will go to students who want to do the whole 6 day event.*

*NOTE:  Full 6-day Patrol/CQB/FoF is discounted to $1,000 + $400 for UTM ammo.