Texas Classes 2016: Update + Comment

TEXAS CLASSES February 2016:

There are two classes running back to back in Texas in February 2016:

Combat Team Tactics / Mobility 5 Day Class – 17 – 21 February 2016 – Brady, Texas – SPACE AVAILABLE.

Combat Team Tactics / Combat Patrol 6 Day Class – 23 – 28 February 2016 – Brady, Texas – FULL.

The CTT /Mobility class that ran in February 2015 came about at the request of the organizer. The class was a great success. You can find video both on the TEXAS CLASSES Page and the TRAINING VIDEO PAGE.

For 2016, we agreed to run two classes, one being a re-run of the 5 Day CTT / Mobility class, and the second being a 5 Day CTT / Combat Patrol Class.

The 6 Day class proved very popular and sold out in short order. A number of alumni from the 2015 class booked on it. There was some talk of running two 6 day CTT / Patrol classes. However, one of the advantages to the Texas classes is the ability, with the open space, to run these convoy / mobility / vehicle operations classes. There are still spaces available on the 5 day CTT / Mobility class.

I did receive a comment that it was felt that if the ‘SHTF’ that person believed they would be stuck static and thus dismounted patrolling around their retreat would be more the order of the day than any vehicle movement. Although I absolutely agree on the importance of patrolling, recce, raid and ambush, I disagree on mobility being unimportant, for a number of reasons:

1)   We do not know what a potential collapse may look like. It may not go straight to a ‘Rawlesian’ ‘man the bunkers’ style situation. It may be a more grey collapse with growing threats but still a semblance of normality and movement: simply a higher threat environment.

2)   You may need to ‘bug out’ or relocate in vehicles from one place to another, or even try and get home if an event happens. At these classes we cover a lot of the drills that are in ‘Contact!‘ and designed for these situations.

3)   If you still have the fuel, you will find it advantageous particularly in the more open States such as Texas, to conduct a form of foot / mobile patrolling, utilizing vehicles as part of Ground Domination Activity (GDA) patrolling. With the distances involved on some of this acreage, moving on foot may be too slow and laborious. Tactical Mobility!

4)   Related to the point above, some of what we do on the 5 Day class is run some Quick Reaction Force (QRF) scenarios where we simulate a patrol coming under contact and vehicles moving to support / assault.


5)   If you have a situation where you are running some form of mutual support ‘farm net’ then you may not all be gathered at one retreat location. You may be spread out around one large property, or a number of mutually supporting properties that are connected by radio and only realistically supporting each other by vehicle movement. You should be planning the vehicles and back up fuel to be able to ruin foot/ mobile style patrolling and QRF scenarios.

Email me for Texas Class bookings. We now have online credit card payment for deposits.

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