Texas 4 Day: Divisible into 2 Day Classes (CRS / CTT)

Some spaces have come available on the RS/CTT 4 day class in Texas, running from Friday 17 – Monday 20th.

This is a 4 Day Class and is billed as a Rifle Skills / Combat Team Tactics class. Normally with CTT classes, the initial Rifle Skills day is an add-on. In this case the class is a complete 4 day. This actually makes for a better progression than when people just show up for the 3 day, and it also means that I can run seamlessly from day 1 to day 2, without new people joining.

What this means is that I will actually be running the full 2 day Combat Rifle Skills class for the Friday 17 / Saturday 18. Thus there will be no stop/start between the Rifle Skills day and the first day of the CTT 3 day, where some new people usually join.

I will then be running Sunday 19 / Monday 20th as the tactical phase, off the square range. This is usually where, in West Virginia, we go to the tactical ranges for the last 2 days of CTT.

So I am going to open up the remaining spaces (4 or maybe 6 of them) for people to take the Combat Rifle Skills class on its own for the first 2 days.

Or, if you are a CTT alumni, show up for the last 2 days to do the training in the field as a good refresher.

The total class cost for the 4 Day is $800. If you want to do a 2 day portion, it is $400 per 2 days. That is cheaper than a normal CRS class, which is $450.

If you are interested, email me: – once we allocate you a slot, we will need full payment up front via the online payment form.