Texas 2016 Update: CTT/Patrol Full

Quick Update:

The upcoming Feb 2016 6 Day CTT/Combat Patrol class in Texas is looking like it is full, pending actual receipt of all deposits I have been told are in the mail. So please email me before putting a check in the mail, to check current availability. So at most we will have one or two spots left.

The Feb 2016 5 Day CTT / Mobility class running the week before is still wide open. This is the same class that I ran last February.

So: why is the 6 Day Patrol version so popular this time? Were people not so enthused about the mobility aspect last time, but just wanted the opportunity to train in SUT (and got a lot of additional training on top of CTT both with vehicles and on foot during the mobility 2 days)?

Do I have to convert to CTT / Mobility version and run two CTT / Patrol classes due to demand?

We do still have 8 months!


Here is the video from last years CTT / Mobility class: