Teaser: MVT Single Caliber Rig (5.56) Photos

Here are some photos of one of the prototype MVT Single Caliber Rigs (5.56) in use at the Force on Force Team Tactics Class this past weekend.

I am very excited about this rig. It is not ready for sale yet, but we are working towards it.

Below: front of the rig:



  1. Same suspension system as the MVT VERSA.
  2. Magazine pouches are standalone x 6.
  3. Rig comes with 2 large and 2 small admin pouches, juts like the versa. These attach using the ‘tuck tunnel’ method and are removable/removeable.
  4. Al mag pouches have MOLLE fronts.
  5. The wearer, Mike, is kind of skinny, so you see how it fits on a skinny person.

Below: Close up of the mag pouches:



  1. Pull tabs have been removed.
  2. Kydex inserts used. This will most likely be the standard. We may or may not supply the pull tabs.
  3. The kydex inserts hold the mag snug. This will be offered as an upgrade on the VERSA rigs, which already come with the velcro sewn inside the mag pouches.
  4. You can see the MOLLE ‘tuck tunnel’ holding the admin pouches on.
  5. Admin pouches us the ‘tuck tab’ design just like the VERSA.

Below: Back of the rig with hydration pouch (not supplied):



  1. Many have asked how to attach a hydration pouch to the VERSA. This is the same harness.  This pouch is attached to the yoke of the harness at the top, and threaded through the back strap at the bottom. It becomes part of the rig.
  2. Unlike the Mayflower rig, the loose ends of the straps are tucked into supplied elastic, which makes the harness both easier to adjust, and also lower profile so that it does not rub or get in the way with a patrol pack or ruck. There is no hard plastic part to get in the way.

In this video, you see a student being dragged by the yoke of his VERSA Rig:

We will update you on the production schedule for this new gear.

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