Target Indication

Something that often comes up, and which I include at a basic level in the instruction at CRCD/Combat Patrol, is target indication:

One of the hardest parts of your battle drills is location of the enemy. This applies to any reaction to contact that you may conduct, whether it is a break contact drill, or a squad hasty attack. When discussing fire and movement, it is plain that “no movement without fire” refers to accurate suppressive fire onto identified enemy positions. If you cannot locate those enemy, you cannot suppress them. Secondary to this, if you cannot communicate the located enemy position to your teammates, then  you cannot direct the fire of your team onto the enemy in order to suppress them, in order to allow for safer movement.

Shoot – Move – Communicate thus takes on an urgent meaning, rather than just being a buzz phrase the is repeated ad infinitum. It is not enough to shoot and  move: you must communicate as a team in order to be effective at this.

There are three parts to this subject:


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