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Not so long ago, Max Velocity Tactical took steps to distance ourselves from what could be called the ‘patriot/liberty blogosphere.’ That term in itself is probably a misnomer, because it probably does not represent the majority of good folks out there who are ‘liberty-minded.’ Much of the commentary on some of the established sites is akin to the barking of lunatics.  This is not what we are about at MVT, hence the distancing. There is no point in being all about ‘free speech’ on a private site, when that simply welcomes in, allows and encourages the marginal hate-filled element. That is something with which MVT does not want to be associated.

MVT is a professional tactical training organization. We are not a political organization. We believe in individual rightful liberty. That is as far as ‘political’ discussions go. The MVT Forum was changed about a year ago to an annual subscription of $25. This has removed the trolls and led to a high quality, unique atmosphere of rational discussion. We do have a ‘Rightful Liberty’ section on the forum but the main drive of anything political is rational analysis of political events and the potential impact on liberty and / or personal safety.

MVT, and the MVT Forum, is thus an inclusive environment with a bias towards individual liberty, primarily with a focus on tactical excellence. It is the tactical, and not the political, that we are really about. Thus we do discriminate – on the basis of rationality and tactical excellence – to put it simply, we do not tolerate fools. We do not tolerate political extremes of the right or the left, and we do not tolerate discrimination or hate based on stereotyping – we are a meritocracy, and will only judge you on how you show yourself.

If you want an idea of the general philosophy of MVT, take a look at the MVT Code Of Conduct (LINK).

The type of person who is an actively training MVT Alumni is someone with a warrior mentality. They are training so that they may protect their family, but they are not motivated by fear, but by the skill and the challenge. It is a way of life. This harks back to a time before large standing armies and police forces, where many currently look to others to provide their safety, to a realization that all of us have a responsibility to be able to protect our own, and that their may come a time, in these uncertain times, where we may have no choice but to do so.

Some of the less well motivated types out there are the ones motivated primarily by fear. This includes the ‘list of lists’ endlessly researching prepper who never actually trains. It may include the type who shows up to one MVT or other tactical class because it was ‘on the list’ in the belief that ‘one and done’ will cut it for a highly perishable skill. These are the types who only train in the ‘times of greatest fear’ when they, for example, fear the outcome of an election. They then drop away, leaving those with a  warrior mentality to continue the journey towards excellence.

We have created TacGun to package tactical training. The reason for this is to package it as an adventure sport with immediate benefits to your personal and professional development. Please understand that TacGun is simply MVT, with the addition of a few specific competition events; the activity of conducting tactical training is TacGun. We will be running more competition type events, for example, I am working on a TacGun Challenge for Spring 2018. The idea of TacGun is to separate tactical training from fear based motivations of the prepping and political sort, and move it to a position as an adventure sport. This will help you specifically when you are trying to recruit people to train with you, and in the end, if the hammer drops, allow you to have a pool of trained personnel who can form your CUTT (Citizen Unconventional Tactical Team). They may not realize it now, and young folks may be turned off by talk of prepping, but they can get excited by a fun and challenging adventure activity. You are creating trained personnel, and imbuing them with the warrior mindset. At the same time, this is true tactics, and not faux tactics such as 3Gun, which is actually training dangerous habits.  Thus, TacGun is designed to help YOU, and I encourage you to start using the terminology.

TacGun is a comprehensive adventure sport involving combinations of aspects or complete parts of the following activities:

  • Combat Shooting
  • Precision Shooting
  • Weapon Manipulation
  • Real Combat Tactics
  • Force on Force
  • Land Navigation
  • Physical Fitness
  • Teamwork
  • Performance under pressure
  • Communication
  • Personal growth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Character development
  • Competition

There is a certain type out there who is on the blogoshere for fear and hate. Those guys do not train. There is another type who is lazy, but reads the internet in the hope of picking up nuggets of information that they believe will ‘train’ them to survive. This is also the type who attempt to train via YouTube video only . We have less of those on the MVT Forum. Yes, there are lurkers, but paying $25 is more than the free chicken types can usually abide. It keeps the Forum small while keeping the quality high. Laziness is a huge problem out there, and there are not so many who have a true warrior mindset. You can see that fluctuate in firearm and gear sales as fear ramps up and down over incidents such as elections. Meanwhile, over here at MVT / TacGun we calmly keep training, working on our skills and fitness and striving for excellence.

If you think that a Forum with a wealth of archived articles, a good membership largely made up of actively training MVT Alumni, and a rational liberty-minded approach to discussion is a place for you, I encourage you to subscribe at $25 per annum. If you think that is too much money, and not worth it for the access to information and feedback, then you need to go elsewhere anyway. If you are an MVT alumni, once you join you can let us know and we will upgrade your membership to alumni, where the alumni sub-forum becomes visible.

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