Suggestions Wanted: Trained Rifleman Terminology

In the move to create qualification standards for III volunteers in these posts:

III% Rifleman Combat Task Proficiency

III RIFLEMAN Qualification Weekend

‘The 2-Miler’

I used some arbitrary terms to describe different levels of qualification, based mainly on performance in the PT test. I used:

III Rifleman

III Reserve

III Support

I happen to like the term Rifleman, because I think it describes what it is. It was suggested in comments that I instead use: Minutemen, Trainband and Alarm List, for their historical context. Indeed it was suggested that  am trying to codify standards for the new Minutemen. If so that wasn’t my intent.

I am not so sure that we need to, or should,  go back to old terms. I understand the motive, but I am not sure it is right.

The idea for the three levels came from the PT test: Rifleman would be those that could pass it at the standard level. Reserves would be qualified as Riflemen but would be held to a lesser PT standard. Support would not be able to pass, of would not attempt, the PT test, but would require weapons quals. The support are in effect the auxiliary. The Reserves are more of a security or guard force.

So, these are the questions:

1) Are we right to have 3 levels?

2) What should these levels be called?

Input welcome.