Student Review: Idaho Class (CTT / MOB) May 2016: Dr. Mac

Dr. Mac attended 5 of 8 days training in Idaho: Combat Team Tactics and Mobility (less the final 3 days of Combat Patrol).

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There is not much more I can say any better than has been outlined by the others.  Read their play-by-play and reviews of the course.  There is also very good advice offered by those who took courses in Texas and West Virginia. By way of motivation, I will simply make a few observations and comments on my experience.

The course was outstanding!  The Instructors, Max and Chris were exceptional.  The training was everything I expected and hoped it would be.  I want more!  Before I go further, and lead you to believe this was about me, let me set the record straight.  Like a successful family, Combat Team Tactics and Mobility training is all about everyone but you.  It is about your partner and your team.  In a real situation, you will never survive by yourself.  And neither you nor your family will survive without your battle buddy and your team!  You have got to see the big picture.  Fire and movement as a team, communication, and situational awareness are among the many vital concepts you will learn and drill.  Read the other reviews.  They say it all.

Going in, I believe I was the biggest novice in the entire class.  I did not have near the previous training or experience of the others in my class.  Until the MVT class, I was pretty much self-taught. Comparatively, I was also in the worst physical condition of anyone…by far.  I may have also been the most nervous going in…and I hope the most improved coming out.  Not because I learned the most, but because I had the biggest gap to close compared to the others in my class.  That said – I was able to do it!  Unfortunately, I had to drop out of the last 3 days of Combat Patrol, simply because I was not physically capable to go another 3 days after what we did the first 5 days.  As a result, I missed out on an exceptional learning opportunity.  But I am very pleased with what I was able to accomplish and learn during CTT and Mobility.  I say this, so others who are wavering on whether or not they are prepared to take a course from MVT will – Just Do It!  Give yourself a reasonable timeline, sign up, put your head down and start preparing.  Otherwise, you may never do it.  Or you will wait too long, and then it will be too late.

Six months ago, I was lying in a hospital bed getting my butt kicked by chemotherapy for lung cancer and receiving frequent blood transfusions to keep me alive.  Five months ago, I could only walk 5 minutes on the treadmill before I had to go take a nap.  Last week I was “running” with a chest rig and a rifle, dodging “big ass holes”, while performing lunge after lunge (as I lamely simulated “taking cover” on a knee behind sagebrush – sorry Chris) and I did it over and over again all day long for 5 days straight!  I can’t imagine wearing plates as others did.  They are Beasts! But now I have a new goal.  This was something I wanted to do.  So I set a goal, signed up for the class, and I started working and preparing.  And I will forever be grateful that I did it!  Max, Chris, and the rest of the class were patient with me.  Still, they pushed me to perform and improve.  They did not treat me like an incompetent invalid.  They yelled at me, and pushed me, and pulled me up to a higher level of performance.  I was humbled, but never humiliated.  I was educated, as I was shown just how much I don’t know, and how much more I have to learn.  I was excited and thrilled at the pace and the pressure imposed by the course.  I ran on adrenaline (and Motrin) for 5 days.  During the adrenaline rush, I temporarily froze up, lost fine motor skills, and developed tunnel vision… more than once.  And no one was even shooting at me!  I can’t believe the progress – amidst pain – I made over 5 days.  We might just call him “Miracle Max.” “Why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?” (Princess Bride)

As an Emergency Physician, I am accustomed to a high stress environment.  I am not accustomed to making mistakes.  When things get chaotic, stressful, and hairy, I usually become more focused, more decisive and my fine motor skills seem to actually improve.  But I have “practiced” and drilled my craft for thousands upon thousands of hours while treating thousands of patients.  THAT is the difference.  PRACTICE.  I now know a lot more about how to safely and efficiently run my gun while working as a team in a tactical situation.  But I also understand it will require hours upon hours of practice and drilling to hone the motor and mental skills and muscle memory.  I would love to take the same classes all over again, as I am sure I would learn and improve each time.  I would love to take additional classes offered by MVT as I realize there is so much I do not know. Bottom line is Max Velocity Tactical training has given me a great start, great motivation to continue learning, and a new skill set to drill and practice so I can continue to improve my capabilities.  Ultimately, it is all about being prepared and able to protect those we love.  No one can do it alone.  You should consider Combat Team Tactics and Mobility – Mandatory Training!  Without this training – you are NOT prepared to protect those you love. Whether you are a novice like me, or a battle tested combat veteran, Max and Chris have something they can teach you in this safe, well thought out, well executed, and thoroughly enjoyable program.  So if you’re thinking about taking a class at MVT… “Stop thinking.”  Just DO IT!

Dr. Mac

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