Student Review: Virginia Combat Team Tactics July: Roger

CTT July Square Range

I had the pleasure of attending another of Max’s great courses, but to make it even better I was able to bring my 17 year old grandson.    On the drive up to MVT he confided in me that he was a little concerned; all the other students would know what they were doing and he would look foolish in front of them, plus he said that “Max looks angry”.   I convinced him that nothing could be further from the truth; all the students would support him as long as he tried his best and that Max was serious about his classes, but not angry.   So with some trepidation he started the square range work on Saturday, which he shared at the end was the most stressful part of the training.   The next two days he did his part and never quit.   All the students were very supportive of him and his efforts and I can’t say enough about Max and Scott (First Sergeant) who corrected as necessary and encouraged when deserved.   On the drive home you could see his face light up every time he looked at “his” MVT patch, that was “his” because he earned it.   As you might guess that was one proud grandpa.

Now I have some advice and counsel for all you parents and even grandparents.   If you believe that things can go sideways, then why would you not get the training for those who are physically capable of handling a weapon and have the emotional stability to adjust to a rigorous training course?   Yes, it is hard work, but ever so rewarding for a young person to say “they made it through MVT”!    This is coming from an 68 year old man, who has gone through two of Max’s classes.   You have no excuses to not get out and do some PT and then get the best training you can.   MVT is not easy, nor is it meant to be.   It is the passion of Max and his staff to train you to the best of their abilities, all you have to do is take advantage of it.   And yes, this “old man” learned some new lessons about himself and some limitations (no more “tank guns”)!

Please take advantage of a truly great opportunity at MVT.   You don’t want to be one of “those guys” that says “if only I had done that”, but it will be too late then.   Bring your family, age and gender will not “buy them safety” when things go sideways, but you and training can.