Student Review: Texas Combat Team Tactics / Mobility Class Feb 2015: Justin


Training with Max Velocity Tactical is INCREDIBLE! Having no previous military experience or formal rifle training I knew I was going to learn a lot. I HAD NO IDEA HOW MUCH!!! More over I had no idea how much FUN I was going to have. I planned on going to class, working my butt off and getting an education. I did my best to soak up every bit of information that Max provided but was surprised at the bonus of FUN, COMRADERY, and FEELING OF PERSONAL ACCOMPLISMENT. I would not only recommend training with Max Velocity Tactical, I would implore you to get off the couch and pull the trigger. Stop sitting there reading about the success that others are finding training with Max, get up, PT and get out to TRAIN!!!

More than a year ago I came upon and started following the blog and training opportunities available. It was my feeling that if there was ever to be a civil unrest situation of any kind, the type of training Max Velocity offered was exactly what I needed to be more prepared to protect my family.

Upon reading the numerous after action reports (AAR) on the blog, I understood that to optimize my training experience I needed to get in shape. I PT’d my ass off and after a hurdle or two (knee surgery)

I was able to make it to training. Be careful not to injure yourself in the process of getting ready for class. Despite my efforts I still came away with the lesson that I needed more PT. I had plenty of air  from my running but my thighs were on fire from getting up and down so much. Burpees, up downs something… Max said the Physical Training Programs offered on his site address this problem.


Another common thread in other’s reviews is to read ‘Contact!.’ DO IT! Contact is written in an easy to read and understand fashion that allows readers the opportunity to get valuable information pertinent to training. Upon taking a class the information provided then leaps from the pages onto the range before your eyes.

Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

I attended the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) and Mobility/Convoy Tactical Training in Brady, Texas. From the initial email contact through the end of training the entire experience was handled professionally.

The training in Brady allowed the opportunity to stay at a lodge on the property where the class was being held. Upon arriving at the scheduled meet up, we were taken to the lodge where the accommodations were exceptional. In this situation, staying on site with classmates allowed us to build rapport and team unity. Take the time to get to know one another, you will be shooting, moving and communicating together during training. The better relationship you have with your teammates will ultimately influence how well you train. If possible bring your buddy, train with them, then take your training home and practice. Don’t grow complacent! Shooting, moving and communicating are perishable skills. The goal is to get the most out of training.

Throughout the entire training period safety was paramount and at no time was I concerned.

Max’s Training moves an individual from crawl, to walk, to run. Without getting into the actual nuts and bolts of training we progressed at a steady tempo. Topics covered during CTT training included; zeroing, malfunctions, facing drills, RTR, movement drills as buddy pairs, fire and movement as a team, fighting through and fighting backwards, peeling, position clear, rally, hasty ambush, squad level hasty attack. Mobility/Convoy Tactical Training included: Drive! Drive! Drive!, Reverse! Reverse! Reverse!, Vehicle immobilized peel forward, peel backward or fight back, vehicle mounted QRF. Dispersed throughout the training were lectures geared toward the individual drills. The training built upon itself allowing the individual to understand not only what to do but why we were doing it. By the end of training, we were running the drills with confidence. The feeling of accomplishment as a result of this training is unexplainable.

Although training with firearms is “deadly serious shit”, it is a BLAST. After each iteration of a drill, I was unable contain a huge smile. Classmates would tell me to wipe that shit eating grin off my face. At the end of one drill when Max had called “SSSSSSTTTTTTOOOOOOPPPPP!!!!! Apply your safety catch and stand up.” he added “… and STOP SMILING!” I couldn’t. I was so amazed and happy at what I was doing I couldn’t help myself!

Many in the class talked of how surprised we were of our progression. I feel that we definitely got our moneys worth. I’d recommend that if you are planning on training with Max that make the most of it. Take advantage of all opportunities presented to you. Add as much training that you can to your trip by the way of optional courses. You won’t regret it.

I’m hooked. I’ll be back for more.