Student Review: Texas Alumni Class 2023 – William

Notes from Max:

The Texas Alumni Class is an annual class. This was our 9th year training at the ranch. It is an alumni class so you must have at least completed HEAT 1 to attend. We have a HEAT 1 class scheduled (West Virginia) on the following dates:

20 – 25 April

13-15 July

For the Texas Alumni Class, we have space available on the third week from Sunday 3 March – Saturday 9 March 2024.

Please email me ( to book any of these classes.

AAR – MVT, Brady

Feb 2023

I started with MVT in Brady in 2017, and I was THAT guy.  Over the years, I have returned to Brady on a regular basis.  While I’m progressing AWAY from that guy, I have so much more to learn.

My first class was CRS (Combat Rifle Skills) and CTT (Combat Team Tactics).  At the beginning, Max introduced the crawl-walk-run concept.  While this concept is simple, the implementation can be more complicated.  For example, the React-to-Contact drill is simple, in concept (see the Tactical Manual for details).  Each year, I did “the same drill” picking up nuances each time.  Over the years, Max has introduced new scenarios with increasing levels of complexity.

The two hardest things you will do under fire is 1) locate the enemy and 2) extricating an injured buddy.  Over the past several years, we had to work an injured team member (not under fire, so Tactical Field Care).  Last year, while performing Tactical Field Care, we had to also deal with a QRF (so React-to-Contact), which immediately changed the medical to Care under Fire (take the TC3 – Trauma Combat Casualty Care class offered).

This year, during a sequencing action, my fire team took catastrophic injuries, making us combat ineffective.  This required the other 2 teams to improvise and adjust, all under the tutelage and close supervision of Max. 

When I first started (2017), I never thought I would be training the way I am today.  The paradox of learning is – the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.

For those who have trained with MVT once or twice and figured “I’ve got it”, do you??  Each year, Max has challenged me and each year, I’ve learned.  I look forward to each year in Brady.  Not only do I get to train with a great group of people (whom I call tribe), not only do I get to continue to work the basics, not only do I get to streamline my gear, I also look forward to how Max is going to challenge me this time.

See everyone in 2024!

Notes from Max:

Classes for 2023 at this time:

HEAT 1: 20 – 23 April – we do have space available in this class. This is our entry point class for MVT training.

HEAT 2: 4 – 7 May

RECON: 18 – 21 May

CQB: 22-25 June.

HEAT 1: 13-16 July.

Squad Tactics: 21-24 September.

Night Ops: 27 – 29 Oct.

Please email me ( to book any of these classes.

Classes are no longer posted under the Training Schedule page. I apologize for any confusion, but they are posted in the MVT FORUM under Training Opportunities in the MVT Training Club.

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