Student Review: Texas Alumni Class 2023: James

Notes from Max:

The Texas Alumni Class is an annual class. This was our 9th year training at the ranch. It is an alumni class so you must have at least completed HEAT 1 to attend. We have a HEAT 1 class scheduled (West Virginia) on the following dates:

20 – 25 April

13-15 July

For the Texas Alumni Class, we have space available on the third week from Sunday 3 March – Saturday 9 March 2024.

Please email me ( to book any of these classes.

I would call what MVT pulls together in Texas an event more so than a simple training opportunity. Where else can one spend an extended week immersed in such comprehensive training? One can find a place to get TCCC training, one can find a place to train in squad tactics for a few days (maybe), one can find a place to work with NVG’s for a night or two (typically only static drills). At the MVT “Event” in Texas you will begin with T-triple C, roll into six days of realistic live-fire squad tactics that incorporate the casualty care skills you learned on the first day. To disconnect and focus on your skills in detailed live fire scenarios for 6 days will absolutely elevate your skillset regardless of where you are on your particular training journey. As an added bonus you get to exercise your abilities under NVGs on target observation/recognition as well the squad tactics you have been working on during the day.

I have been training skills to protect myself, my family and my friends in some form for most of my adult life, including various courses with Max and Scott. As far as squad tactics, this is the best I have found and I feel confident it’s the best there is out there. If you are looking for someone to confirm how cool all your sweet gear is this may not be for you, but if you want to learn and expose your weaknesses so you can improve, get down to Texas and take this course.


Notes from Max:

Classes for 2023 at this time:

HEAT 1: 20 – 23 April

HEAT 2: 4 – 7 May.

RECON: 18 – 21 May

CQB: 22-25 June.

HEAT 1: 13-16 July.

Squad Tactics: 21-24 September.

Night Ops: 27 – 29 Oct.

TEXAS 2024:

Texas 1: Sunday 18 February – Saturday 24 February 2024. Full.

Texas 2: Sunday 25 February – Saturday 2 March 2024. Full.

Texas 3: Sunday 3 March – Saturday 9 March 2024. Space available.

Booking classes: send me an email at to check for space on the class. Then send the deposit ($400) by check or money order to me at:

Max Velocity Tactical, 15191 Montanus Drive #127, Culpeper, VA 22701.

Classes are posted in the MVT FORUM under Training Opportunities in the MVT Training Club.


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