Student Review: TC3 + 6 Day combined class (+ NODF) 27 Sep -3 Oct: Dennis from North Florida


Student Review: TC3 + 6 Day combined class (+ NODF) 27 Sep -3 Oct:

Dennis from North Florida

Matt’s AAR was spot on and there is not much to add about the classes and instructors.

I attended this class with my daughter, who was Matt’s battle buddy.

Sep 6 Day 5

I signed up for the class in May before the changes were made to classes. It would have been a 5 day combined class CRCD/CP with the TC3/RMP added on as the 6th day. When I signed up, I started an exercise routine consisting of hiking 1–3 miles with 30-40 pounds of battle belt and pack 3 days a week. In between those days I did pushups, sit-ups, squats and pull-ups. I lost 20 pounds before the class and had no problem hiking here in North Florida where it is relatively flat. I am 5’9” and 175’, and turned 62 a month before the class.

The CTT class was done with just the battle belt and rifle, but there was no way for me to be totally prepared for the physical part of this class. I live in an area that ranges from 60-90’ above sea level, and could not believe how steep those hills are in WV. The maneuvers themselves are not that difficult but doing them after and/or while going up those hills will wear you out. Luckily there was usually a short pause between exercises.

I have read and reread both Patriot Dawn and Contact several times prior to the class. I had a basic understanding of the maneuvers as described in the books, but you really must go and do the class to fully understand how to do these maneuvers properly and safely.

During the TC3 class, we carried a 130 lb person on a soft stretcher a short distance which was not too bad, as there were 6 people carrying. During the Patrol class, we carried a 200 lb person about ¼ mile using a hard stretcher with only 4 people, up and down the hills. We did not drop him, but came close a couple of times. Now that was hard.

The Ruck march during the patrol class was also very tough. Make sure that you do not have anything in your pack that you do not absolutely need.

Ammo: Bring more than you think you will need. We brought 3000 rds (1500 each), and used all but 300 rds. Near the end we cut down on our usage, when possible, to make it last. We could have used another 500 rds easily.

The bottom line is, I feel that the classes are useful and necessary. We traveled 14 hrs to get there and back and I plan to continue training and return again soon. Sitting home reading about it will not get it done.


Sep 6 Day 2