Student Review: Pawnee OK HEAT 0.75 – William

Many thanks to DP for organizing and pulling this training off. As usual, Max excelled on all levels.

This was a HEAT “0.75” class. The first day was spent crawling (in the British parlance). Learning how to face the contact in a safe manner – head, body, weapon – is paramount, and a basic building block for things to come. Moving from standing, to kneeling, then to prone are likewise basic building blocks. The day ended with stoppages, including bolt-overrides. Several students made the comment about having been to several outside classes and never having been taught Max’s simple solution.

The second day was walking (keeping the British parlance). This was spent learning moving as buddy-pair advancing towards contact and bounding away from contact. Right and left movements were learned and practiced also.

The third day was running. Working as a team (2 pairs), moving to and away from contact, while providing active coverage for your buddy.

Max continues to run the safest range (static or dynamic) that I’ve trained on. I had a double-feed on one scenario and from a good 20 yards, Max knew what I’d had (he called it on the critique).

Max keeps everything at the basic level (I mean this in a good way). The more complicated something is, the more likely it will fail – KISS anyone?? I had the pleasure of working with an MVT alumni whom I’d never met before. Yet, he and I worked well as a team (in my opinion). From my perspective, this is a testament to the skills/knowledge Max teaches. Two alumni, from different parts of the country, who have never met each other, much less worked with one another, were able to operate as a buddy-pair immediately (maybe not seamlessly, but still functional).

Time stops for no man (or woman). Have you trained?? Are you training?? Why not??