Student review of CTT/CP Apr 10-15: Kevin aka Viking Spiritual Warrior Fuck



I recently attended Max Velocity’s 6-day CCT/CP course. Many of the other reviews have already attested to the high quality of training and Max’s dedication to making sure his students learn. My personal experience was more than worth the money and long drive (from Colorado). I was introduced to Max Velocity through his book Contact. It has served as a bullshit filter as I deprogram a lot of the training scars I acquired during my time in the military. The CCT/CP course served the same purpose. I also appreciated assistant instructor Lee’s input, pulling from his unique background.

The course is a great way to meet certain kind of people that you may have trouble meeting back at home. I hail from an area that has been heavily liberalized in the last decade, and it was a breath of fresh air to meet men who are also walking the warrior path. I made a lot of great people that I now call friends. On that note, I’d like to make a plea to people closer to my age(20-30’s). GET SOME TRAINING! Most of the tactical classes I’ve been to I am usually always the only guy below 40. The older generations are doing their part, where is the youth? A thousand bucks might seem like a lot of money, but for six solid days of training it’s a deal. Max charges much less and gives much more than other “trainers” out there who do a couple of speed reload drills standing in front of static targets and call it a day. I know things are tough economically and only getting harder, but the training you’ll receive at Max Velocity tactical is invaluable. I did it on a very limited budget, so there’s no excuse. We’re not going to preserve freedom by playing Call of Duty, smoking weed, and chasing girls endlessly. Budget some money for a good rifle, some ammo, and quality training. Get some friends to do the same and head to Max Velocity Tactical.