Student Review: Night Operations Class – Brian

HEAT Night Operations Student Review

Round count used:  680

The learning objective of HEAT Night Operations is to conduct team level, tactical fire and maneuver over complex terrain while under the veil of darkness with an image intensifier night vision device.  The training begins on the flat range with plenty of IR laser engagement practice and reinforcing the lessons from HEAT I and 2.  Max and Scott are hyper-focused on safety and helping the teams move together while scanning and watching out for each other.

Training migrates to a fun jungle walk—a close, surprise target engagement patrol.  This was my favorite; I would want to do this several times.  The teams move to the tactical ranges for fire and maneuver on non-flat terrain across the enemy position.  The capstone events are two rounds of the ambush and the raid in both the support and assault role.

This course has a high expectation of the students to bring out all the prior learning, yet Max and First Sergeant don’t abandon the student with the assumption that everything is squared away.  Instruction, checks and rehearsals enable the students to quickly learn the complex night operation tactics and considerations.

This is a first rate course—the best to be found.  Every serious person for freedom should be knocking down Max’s door for this training.