Student Review: New 4 Day Combat Patrol Class July 2016: Larry


As part of the first group to go through the new and improved four-day version of Combat Patrol (CP), I wanted to be sure to get the word out that this class is freaking awesome. This class is intended for graduates of Combat Team Tactics (CTT) and it takes a lot of the things you learn there and teaches you to apply them in a realistic scenario. But this review will hopefully reach everyone even individuals who have never even been to the school before.  Because anyone who has honest concerns about what this world is coming to needs to learn the skills that are put out in this class.  And if you haven’t been to CTT, get signed up so you can get that under your belt and get yourself in line for an upcoming CP class.

You can never do a review without reiterating the high-quality instruction coming from Max and the cadre.  That’s what makes these classes amazing! There’s books out there that have a lot of this information in it, but going there and having them show you one on one is what makes it stick. There was a great balance with Max and Nate having both experienced many different real life situations that could be brought up and used for texture to the course of instruction.

Everything starts off Thursday with some classic CTT drills to shake the rust out of the students. From that point on every drill and piece of instruction is laid down like layers of blocks, on which the subsequent instruction will continue building, until all of the sudden the morning of the fourth day you’re out there doing a raid feeling like you know exactly what needs to happen.
For anyone that has a picture in your mind of Combat Patrol being multiple days living out of your ruck, stinking, and pulling guard duty all night, you can just leave that at the door because this is so much more. Do we learn how to do all of those things?…  yes, but does this class require you to live out of your ruck and sleep in the dirt for three nights?… no, Max wants you to be rested so you can actually learn what’s being taught and more importantly he wants you to be safe.  So he gives you the information and the taste of all of these things including a night in the patrol base, but without making it a ranger school type of slug fest.  I’m proud to say I slept in a hotel every night except the final night in the patrol base.

I’ve done all the research, you can’t find a better school and especially a class that combines patrolling and live fire training like they do in CP. Hands-down, the best class I’ve ever been to.






For all those comments such as “Shame West Virginia is so far away” or “Shame you don’t do training West of the Mississippi” I am currently in Missouri setting up fort a 6 Day Private CTT/CP class. I was in Idaho in May for an 8 day class and will be going back next May (open enrollment). I was in Texas in February and it is already scheduled for next February/March (open enrollment).