Student Review: MVT Rifleman Challenge II: CH


The MVT Rifleman Challenge is bigger than the patch. It’s more than the 2 miler. It’s about seeing how far you’ve come in your training and how much farther you have to go. You never finish learning or training.

We all have come to Max Velocity Tactical for one reason or another. I attended CRCD in March of 2014 to move beyond the standard square range setups and to experience real world tactics. Upon returning in September of 2015, I was blown away by how the VTC has evolved. CRCD has morphed into CTT, courses in Land Navigation and CQB are now offered, a square range has been built with another range on the way. One thing that hasn’t changed is Max’s passion to teach patriotic citizens.

Why did I sign up for the Rifleman Challenge? My battle buddy Anthony from my CR/CD class was doing it and convinced me to do the Challenge along with him. My training started WAY TOO LATE and it showed. I won’t give excuses why I started late because they are excuses!

The 2 miler affectionately known as “The Motherf*#@ker” messes with your mind. Coming from the sandy shores of Florida, “The Motherf*#@ker” can break your body and spirit. This ain’t Go Ruck! I found that out within the first minute! Remember, The Rifleman Challenge is more than getting a patch. It’s more than the misery of the 2 miler. It’s a weekend of amazing training and shared experiences with some great people. You also get an introduction to TC3, CQB and a taste of Fred’s vast knowledge of everything! Do you know what an Alexa rank is?

You will sweat, you will ache, you might bleed, and you will get chewed out by Max but most importantly: you will learn.

On a side note, Scott (1st SGT) is a FANTASTIC addition to the cadre. A total pro and class act. Dare I say, a fine Southern Gentleman? He pointed out some things that I needed to correct and was a tremendous help the entire weekend. Plus I think I surprised him on the weapons manipulation course with my Tavor…well at least I thought I did!

Yes The Rifleman Challenge IS a challenge. It IS a competition but it’s so much more. Work on your PT and work on it some more. Hone your weapons manipulations to razor sharpness. Get your Land Nav squared away and be part of the next Rifleman Challenge.

I know I have a lot more training ahead of me!