Student Review: Missouri Private 6 Day Class: Nuge

Just finished a 6 day course with Max and a class of 8 students. We started with 3 Days of CTT (Combat Team Tactics) and 3 Days of CP (Combat Patrol). I would have to say I had some preconceived notions on what this class would entail. That was blown away in the first hour of CTT. We dove right into rifle manipulation drills and worked through the common malfunctions of the AR platform. This instruction was incredible! Our group consisted of some higher level retired military personnel who stated that they never received such clear instructions on common malfunctions and rifle manipulations. Immediately we all gained confidence in our Rifles and with Max’s constant safety instructions we felt safe among our group and the team building began quickly.

After Rifle manipulations we moved into combat maneuvers. From the whiteboard classroom setting to practicing it in the field, the learning environment seemed to work for everyone. Max tailors each of his lessons to the ability of the group without losing the context of the teaching. Our group came from several levels of PT abilities. We ranged from 22 to 59 years in age. While the class is an intense workout I never felt we were pushed too far to effect the learning process and even more importantly the safety of the individuals in the class.

The CP course did not disappoint. Each day built on the next to allow the teams to fluidly move with each other. I can’t believe how far we made it in the last 3 days. We learned Recon to Ambush to Raids. So much complexity taught very very clearly. Max has taken years of experience and placed it into a training program all can understand. I cannot say enough on his ability to communicate years of knowledge into our 6 day course. When people with 20 years of military experience say they have never learned so much you have to know the courses Max teaches are “Legit”. Can’t say enough for the courses and I believe it is necessary for the times we live in.