Student Review: Land Navigation August 22/23: Aaron

Land Navigation class review, by Aaron in Tennessee.

As with other MVT classes (I’ve taken CTT and CP, and am looking forward to Rifleman Challenge), I really like the emphasis that Max places on physical fitness, along with a unique “big picture,” within which the particular skill set is transmitted. And, this is always in conjunction with a well-organized class that combines theory and practice in effective proportions.  Teaching style is accurate and professional – one would not hesitate to bring along one’s spouse or son or daughter.  That said, Land Navigation was really fun and substantive.  Many people have had some map and compass at some point, and one can obviously read about it, watch some Youtube videos, and go into the back yard and kind of apply it.   But as with most skills (at least for me), taking a formal class, taught by an experienced  expert, and then challenged with exercises in formidable terrain, translates into a learning experience that has some real value.  The take-away is not just a foundational skill set, but a solid skill set combined with an instilled motivation to continue to use and improve those skills.  Throw in the fact that you can always count on meeting and training with a very interesting set of like-minded students, Land Nav was a great experience that is highly recommended.  Thank you Max!  Looking forward to my next trip to West Virginia.