Student Review: Land Navigation 8/9 June 2015: Otis

This was my first experience with MVT and land navigation.

The class is informal yet professional, which I felt made it comfortable. Max is approachable with questions and a quality instructor. He cares that you learn and learn you will. Keep your ears and mind open. Military equipment and techniques are covered in theory, but what is taught is orienteering, which seems to be much more efficient for hiking, patrolling, etc.

The terrain lends itself well to land nav. Distances are short, but the topo is such that all techniques taught can be practiced.

I didn’t know anything, except the suggested pre-reading, when I arrived. I left confident in terrain association, map reading, and general navigation. That’s a lot for two days instruction. As I’m sure is the case with all classes at MVT it’s a great value.


Useful as preparatory training for the MVT Rifleman Challenge.