Student Review: HEAT 2 April 2021 – Brian

HEAT 2 Student Review

Round count used:  515

The learning objective of HEAT 2 is to apply live fire and maneuver over complex terrain while conducting changing tactical tasks in the assault cycle of assaulting to supporting and back to assault.  Each live fire exercise builds to increasing complex tasks with leadership roles for some students.  The program of instruction includes instruction, map rehearsals, team rehearsals and repeating the scenario a couple times to allow different views or experiences of the battle drill.  Each scenario is reviewed afterwards to allow a feedback loop of enhanced learning. 

Safety is always paramount.  Safety comes from muzzle control from the patrol ready position, active control of the safety/fire selector, trigger finger control, target and team maneuver safety angles, proper weapons loading and unloading and from the program of instruction of repetitive rehearsals.  Additionally, the student will ‘wear’ the First Sergeant should a safety violation emerge. 

The conventional thinking and practice that safety is only had in a rifle pointing up and down range will contribute to your unpreparedness at the critical moment of action. 

Max Velocity Tactical’s fire and maneuver program of instruction will multiple the probability of a positive outcome in your preparedness.  Better yet, bringing a team to MVT will multiply that effect again.  This training is both the best value for your training money and it will cause the greatest magnitude change in your abilities. 

In summary, sell that extra firearm or pick up a side job to invest in a MVT course.