Student Review: HEAT 1 Combat Tactics OK – William

HEAT 1 – Oklahoma


  1. Cardio endurance is KING 
  2. Equipment choices continue to have steep learning curves
  3. Fast is fine but accuracy is final
  4. Magazines are consumables 
  5. You can never know the basics too well

Max continues to run the safest range I’ve trained on.  There were 12 students –  ages from 17 to 69, both sexes were represented, and a variety of backgrounds.  It should be noted that this class is designed for beginners but both newbies and alumni will learn from this class.  Thankfully, no egos showed themselves and it was pleasure working with everyone.

  1. Cardio endurance is KING.

How many times has Max and others stated this??  Max has written articles specifically for the older person (see blog).  As we age, repetitive trauma starts to show itself.  Decisions we made earlier in life start to show the damage, i.e. smoking (welcome to COPD), over-eating (welcome to extra poundage, specifically fat), etc.  Along with the slow-down in metabolism, our habits have to change also.  I can no longer eat 2 large pizzas by myself and not gain weight.  As my job changed from physical-focused to mental-focused, my eating and exercise habits have to change.  For those over-weight, the loss of 1 pound body weight is equal to losing 4 pounds for your knees.

  1. Equipment choices continue to have steep learning curves

Max and Scott have posted multiple times on what equipment runs best and is a sticky-note on the forum.  Scott (First Sgt) has essentially quit posting his observations due to seeing the same things over and over.  This is NOT a debate on what’s best or what we each have.  Yes, your choice might be OK for a “regular range class” but how many of those class will see a thousand-round count in 4 days with rapid fire requirements?  Its rather like seeing a specialist for something then deciding against the recommendations, i.e. your doctor, your auto mechanic, etc, etc.  At the end of the day, it is YOUR choice but also your consequences and in fields where you don’t know what you don’t know, seek the counsel of someone you trust.  And yes, I trust both Max and Scott.

  1. Fast is fine but accuracy is final

“Blasting away” may sound like you’re accomplishing something but unless the rounds are on-target, a 2-way range ups the danger for yourself.  There are numerous stories in the late 1800s from people we’ve all heard of – Bat Masterson, Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, etc that were not the “fastest” shot.  They were “fast on the draw but slow on the trigger.”  Multiple instances of the opposing shooter being faster on the trigger but putting the round in front while the above shooters were a little slower and put their first round into the opponent.  Same concept – not a Sunday stroll but rather intentional shots on target. I still need to work on my rate of fire – resupply won’t be an easy option. Rapid fire was 1 shot every 2 seconds (30-round magazine fired in 1 minute) with sustained fire being 1 shot every 5-6 seconds (if I understood correctly).

  1. Magazines are consumables 

Scott has said this multiple times – magazines are to be considered as consumables.  I had 4 instances of double-feeds towards the end of class.  Yes, I’m a slow-learner.  I swapped mags with no further issues.  I was using steel mags and you could see the feed lip on the right side had flared out a bit.  If you’re running your rifle correctly, and continue to have a problem, check your magazine.

5. You can never know the basics too well

I have taken multiple classes from Max.  I learn something new each time while continuing to apply what I’ve already learned.  For me, it’s the application where I learn various nuances.  So you’ve taken HEAT 1 and another presents itself 4-6 months down the road……take it again.  Basics, basics, basics.

Finally, a shout-out to all the students who showed.  It was a pleasure working with you.  It was nice to see young (J) and ladies (E) attend.  Thanks to D for bringing the class together.  And many thanks to Max for continuing to teach superb classes and the willingness to travel to teach.