Student Review: HEAT 1 Combat Tactics October 24: Ryan

My first training class was HEAT 1 last week, and I had no prior military/LE training going in. I simply read the Tactical Manual, watched the MVT video tutorials, made sure I was fit enough, and brought an open mind ready to pay attention.

I was thoroughly impressed with this class and instruction. Safety obviously took priority with every drill we ran, and the instructors had hawk-eyed attention the entire time. They also knew how to lighten things up afterwards. The pace was just right, taking part in drills and then resting and preparing in between. The course covered many valuable topics and did not feel rushed to the point that they would not sink in. The real world experience and perspective that Max and First Sergeant bring to the class shines light on what the individual should and should not focus on for future development. As they said, lots of things one sees out there are for consumers to purchase and “gamers” to practice for competitions, not the skills that will best enable you to defend yourself. This was also a good opportunity to test out one’s kit and see what worked or did not work. Issues become apparent quickly in that environment.

One of the biggest takeaways was situational awareness, which can be better developed after safe and effective weapons manipulation becomes second nature. Understanding where your buddies are and where you need to be during maneuvers under stress is something you simply cannot get from reading and watching videos. This class took care of all of that in a safe and professional environment.

A big “thank you” is in order for MVT making this training available to the common man or woman, keeping these most valuable skills alive. I look forward to attending more classes in the future as well as the great company they attract.