Student Review: HEAT 1 Combat Tactics August: Stonks

Day 2: Hammer Pairs / Stream Fire

I haven’t been on that many ranges. Basically all of my experiences handling a rifle whilst on a range has been through either Max Velocity Tactical or Project Appleseed so I cannot give a comparison. That being said, I can tell you that if you are considering this class and contemplating whether you should partake or not, the answer is yes. 

What this class is

This is an introduction class to weapon manipulation, movement within a combat zone, and how to work within a team while under duress. The ​first day starts you off on the flat range teaching the basics to handling a rifle such as malfunction drills, basic shooting stances, and how to remain safe whilst handling a loaded rifle. The second day you get more into team communication, how to make proper use of cover, and basic movement on a battlefield. There is more within each day, but this gives you an idea.

The third and fourth day is where it starts to make sense and starts to get fun. Everything moves off of the flat range and onto the tactical ranges. At this point it is basically just them stacking the basics that you’ve learned in the first two days and teaching you how to apply them within a more dynamic environment. This is when you not only get to go more in depth with movement and team communication, but you also learn the basics of both pushing towards and falling back from an enemy.  


At no point in time did I ever feel even remotely unsafe. Both Max and Scott were attentive to everyone keeping their muzzle under control and keeping the safety on during movement. You can be an absolute retard, but as long as you are safe, they won’t have a problem with you.

The instructors

Max and Scott were both attentive to the needs of each student and more than happy to take the time needed to make sure everyone understood the majority of what was being taught. They were clear and concise with what they said and at no point in time did they make it about them or their ego.

What this class is not

This class is not for those wishing to plink around on a flat range all day. This class is designed to be dynamic and three dimensional.

This class is not for those looking for an ego boost. For this class to be worthwhile, you need to approach it with humility and a willingness to learn.

This class is not for those wishing to be super cool. It is designed to lay the foundation to mastering the basics, not to teach everyone to be Rambo.

In conclusion

​​Even if you are brand new to handling a rifle, this class is an excellent start. While the curriculum is somewhat difficult, it is simple, and the instructors are happy to meet you where you are at. If you’ve done this type of stuff before, it is still well worth the time and money. The mastery of any craft starts and ends with mastery of the basics. This class is excellent for both starting to lay the foundation of thinking and acting tactically, and for strengthening the foundation that may already be there.


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