Student Review: HEAT 1 Combat Tactics August – MD

Day 2: Hammer Pairs / Stream Fire

Most of us who reach the point that we are willing to drive 5+ hours to a class have been through the same routine – we’ve taken more than a dozen CCW classes, heard the same safety warnings (although I did notice they have stopped showing the video of DEA Agent Lee Paige shooting himself in the foot in front of a classroom of high school students), and we have mostly stopped engaging in the argument of back versus appendix carry. 

The other thing we have in common? We realize it isn’t enough. We are hungry for good training from qualified instructors who have themselves attended the school of experience rather than a slick certificate from a cracker jacks box. I found that at Max Velocity Tactical.

Max and Scott bring their experiences to the range and make that knowledge accessible. Unlike many other courses, MVT establishes the safety standards and level sets the varying experience levels of the students in the class over the first phase of the class and then builds the skills to a point that allows for far more advanced instruction without compromising safety.

Rarely does a course offer advanced tactics, movement, and authentic tactical training without creating at least a couple incidents with a wayward student muzzling someone or an errant round. MVT accomplished exactly that.

I am thrilled to have found a new place to learn skills that are taught virtually nowhere else in an unbeatable facility. I can’t wait to return and bring more folks with me.

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