Student Review: HEAT 1 Combat Tactics April: Tom

Read this, get on the forum and organize your first class.  It is easy to get stuck in the ‘I don’t have time’ loop but you need to make it.  HEAT1 is a progression based class that incorporates a tremendous amount of scenarios you are unable to find in other classes.  Starting on the flat range; safety and rifle manipulation is preached and honed which builds into verbal commands, movement and malfunction clearing.  All of this becomes a warmup for days 3 and 4.

Days 3 and 4 incorporate terrain, popup targets and everything learned in days 1 and 2.  Max gives a lecture prior to each exercise, then during the exercise he is vocal to keep you on task and safe followed by a debrief after the exercise.  I took this each day, returned to the Koolwink Motel then read the Tactical Manual sections that applied to what we worked on.  Using the day’s exercises, Max’s individual feedback and the Tactical Manual allowed me to reinforce what was learned as well as prepare for the next day.

The topics covered in 4 days progressed into each other and included: rifle manipulations, commands, malfunctions, moving with cover, working in teams, assaulting and breaking contact.  You don’t need prior experience…you really don’t, basically check your ego at the door and be willing to take feedback as it comes to get properly trained.

It is easy to read these reviews and say, it would be cool to do that but take some action and throw a post in the forum to organize a class, it is what I did and it materialized to this class happening.  


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